Rebecca Manitsas, Massage Therapist

Massage and Bodywork Therapist in Durham and Chapel Hill, NC.

Services and Rates

In addition to general relaxation and deep tissue massage, I have advance training in Medical Massage, Lymphatic Drainage massage, TMJ Disorder, Massage Cupping, Prenatal and Reiki.

When you receive massage and bodywork from me, I bring all I am to each session.  Whether you are looking for relaxation or pain relief, I charge one rate.  There's no squabbling over whether it was a deep tissue or a relaxation session.  You pay for time with me, clear and simple. 

I accept cash or check at this time.  I am not able to process credit cards.


Time                                      Rate/session                                Package of 6

30 min                                         $45                                              $250

60 min                                         $75                                              $415

90 min                                         $100                                             $550

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